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July 21, 20201

5 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

1. Take a selfie from your phone and receive a diagnostic Sounds crazy right? Our phone cameras are so detailed, and the quality is only getting better. This trend really complements dermatology and ophthalmology specialties. There are applications that have unique algorithms that can determine features as specific as jawline..... Read More
Pharmacovigilance regulations, requirements, guidelines
March 7, 2016Like

Remaining Compliant With Pharmacovigilance Requirements

Pharmaceutical companies must comply with Pharmacovigilance (PV) regulations throughout the duration of product development and post-marketing product lifecycle. Some of the challenges the industry faces includes: keeping pharmacovigilance staff, maintaining drug safety monitoring and being compliant with regulatory requirements. What are the Pharmacovigilance Requirements? Pharmacovigilance is defined as the “science..... Read More