Regulatory Due Diligence

Why is Due Diligence Important?

In pursuit of new business growth opportunities, there may be situations when you are considering the acquisition of a potential product or a corporation.  You must be certain that the product and the facility is compliant with respect to regulations and there are no hidden issues that might jeopardize a deal. The best way to do this is to conduct regulatory due diligence.

This work often needs to be done quickly and efficiently by an independent third party. If needed, AXSource Consulting’s technical team can make site visits and conduct a rigorous review after which, we will provide a final list of findings with a go/no-go decision, our rationale and possible regulatory pathways with estimated costs.

Whether you are considering a major corporate acquisition, or the acquisition of a product or product line, AXSource Consulting’s regulatory due diligence process will support you with the appropriate information to make an informed decision.

AXSource Consulting provides the following services:

1. Scientific and regulatory assessment of a pharmaceutical/biotechnology product

2. Facility Compliance assessment

3. Scientific and regulatory expert opinions and professional advice